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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Shane Christopher Petree. Born in Mexico Missouri on February 8,1980 and passed away on January 29, 2008 at the age of 27.    We will remember him forever.  God gave him to us on Feb.8th.  We burried him on his 28th birthday;giving him back to God.
He will remain in our hearts and prayers until we see him again.

  Shane "remember you were not born under my heart but in it.  Neither flesh of my flesh or blood of my blood but my own still the same."  Now we will give Jennifer Lynn all of our  love forever.  I promise you we will never let her forget you.  She also was born in my heart and will be my own.    
All my love forever,



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Happy Birthday   / Nikki Villa
You would've been 34 today.. I think about you often and specially when you make it a point for me to hear the songs that you loved! Hope your enjoying your birthday in Heaven!! Do me a favor keep watching over Mom and Pops for me.. I feel ba...  Continue >>
Watched a Movie and thought of us   / Nikki (Friend)
Tonight I watched the movie "Dear John".. And I thought of you the entire movie.. Granted the movie is of a miltary guy and a girl he met on leave so it was a little different from us.. But the one thing that was in common the letters the l...  Continue >>
I will always remember...   / Nikki Whitney (Friend)
Dear Shane We had our ups downs and in-betweens. I grew very close to Mom and Dad. But situations took me away. I remember the long drives every weekend to come see you to let you know that someone (other then Mom and Dad) loved you and cared abou...  Continue >>
My Dearest son.   / Mom
My dearest son.     I miss you more every day.  It is the little things I miss the most.  Hearing your voice every day.  Even when you were so far off, we spoke every day.  For weeks after you left us; I calle...  Continue >>
I miss you so much...   / Nicole Rigdon (My kids call him "uncle shane" )
Shane, Family and friends       We all miss him dearly, I was with lauren when they first met. Shane was the best guy for her, he was an awsome father to his kids. He was like my brother, he loved my kids! They still love ...  Continue >>
Dear Shane,  / Sonya Short     Read >>
My loving Husband  / Lauren Petree (Wife)    Read >>
What a wonderful tribute  / Jan Andersen (N/A)    Read >>
So sorry for your loss  / Dallis     Read >>
You will be missed  / Tiffany Legrand (Cousin)    Read >>
we'll miss you  / Crystal Mauer (Laurens best friend )    Read >>
To Lauren  / Tom And Kathie Pettis (Lauren's great aunt and uncle )    Read >>
To all those who love Shane,  / Joyce Smith (Aunt)    Read >>
Shirley (Brooksher) Burnes/ Lauren's aunt  / Shirley Burnes (nephew)    Read >>
Sad / Julia Coon (mother-inlaw)    Read >>
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